STARCROSSED - the best romance novel of 2012

This is Franklin Sherwood Yudkin's third novel.


His first novel NEXT DANCE was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. His second novel WINDMILLS TO HER HEART was nominated for a National Book Award.


He has traveled extensively and has crisscrossed American for book signings, book fairs and has appeared on radio and television shows. Both of his prior novels were featured for book signing at the pretigious BEA book trade show. He is a graduate of Indiana University and the University of Louisville School of Law.

The Plot

Her family had left the Soviet Union when she was 3, to seek their freedom in America. Katya, now in her mid 20's, meets a decorated Russian cosmonaut at the Outpost Tavern, outside the Johnson Space Center on Yuri's Night, and falls deeply in love. In February 2003 the world was horrified as the shuttle Columbia destructed across the Texas Sky. American and Russia faced the crisis together, and an astronaut and a cosmonaut were hurriedly sent into space aboard a Russia Soyuz. In secrecy, a wedding was planned, against the orders of the Russian commanders. Katya had four things to do to make it work: First, a ring and black tie had to be clandestinely sent to the International space station. Next, Katya applied for a special Texas proxy wedding license. Then, Kayta had to take on the Russian government singlehandedly. Lastly, NASA had to agree to a 25 minute private link-up. The result was mankind's first space wedding.

Book Trailer

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